What should I wear?

If you don't love it when you try it on, you won't love it during your session. Choose comfortable and well fitted clothing. Flowy dresses are my favorite, jeans with tanks or a blouse, shorts, bare feet and a cute top, chunky sweater, tank and cardigan, jewelry, shoes, scarves, open jackets. This includes making sure bras or undergarments work with your clothing. It does depend on the season you are having your photos done, but whatever you choose, make sure you are comfortable and love your choices. You won't want to wear a skirt and a tank top if it's 45 degrees out, and you won't want to wear a sweater, jeans, and boots if it's 85 degrees out. It's better to bring too much than not enough. I can help you figure out which outfits might work best for our set.

Gents: Jeans and a nice tee, different colored shorts and shirts, different kinds of shoes, a button up or polo shirt. If you aren't normally a suit and tie kind of person, don't necessarily pick that for one of your outfits if you won't be comfortable. I want you to be comfortable and able to be yourself.

I do have a few things (mostly women and children) available in my client closet! These are available for full priced sessions (not minis) and if you are interested in seeing the options and borrowing from my closet, let me know ahead of time so we can make it work <3

I included some of the different options above in the gallery. You can see many different locations, different outfit choices, and different colors as well. Just remember, let your session and your clothing choices be unique to you.

I love earthy tones - such as creams and olive greens. Try to stay away from busy patterns and anything that has words on the t shirt or pants. For fall colors - maroon, cream, mustard yellows, greens and deep blues are all good. It's better to have outfits that complement each other, rather than completely match. Try to choose different colors for different people. (Ex. don't have everyone in just blue or just one color, try to pick two).

Where will we do the photos?

Maybe we have already talked about location, and maybe we haven't. I do have a studio in downtown Homer, though I know a lot of people love outdoor photos when the time of year is right. Do you have family land or a favorite spot you like to go? Do you want to be near water, open fields, brick buildings or a beach? We have quite a few options open to use around us. Depending on which package you booked (as long as it isn't a mini session), we have different options for location and travel. Travel fees are generally included depending if you are choosing locations in Cortland County. Especially since my sessions are usually back to back (with travel time between), I just need to make sure I am able to get to everyone's session on time and before the sun sets :)

A few suggestions within my free travel distance: Hope Lake, Labrador Hollow, Cornell Botanical Gardens, Downtown Homer, Little York Lake, My Studio in downtown Homer, Durkee Park in Homer
-Other places that may require a travel fee: Emerson Park, Green Lakes State Park, Stewart Park Ithaca (these would add on a $50 travel fee)

What is your turnaround time?

Depending upon the time of year, generally you will have your proofing link within 7 business days of your session. From this link, you will choose which images you would like and if you would like to purchase any more than what comes with your package. Once you are done choosing, I will finalize the edits on each chosen image within 5-7 business days. If you chose the all-inclusive package, I'll send you a few sneak peeks along the way, and the final gallery will be ready about 14 business days after our session. Once your photos are fully finalized, you will have the option to purchase prints, collages, canvases, magnets, and more through me. You do have a print release where you can print at your own discretion, I however, do not guarantee print quality through places other than my own.

Should I get my hair and makeup done?

Hair and makeup can help enhance your photo experience, absolutely. If you get it done, make sure the hair/makeup artist knows exactly what you want. I always love loose curled hair in photos. However, if you know you prefer your hair a certain way or like how you do it better, now isn't the time to experiment. Just make sure you like your hair prior to the session :)

If you get eyelash extensions or your eyebrows tinted or microbladed, please do in more than enough time before your session with me to ensure the redness is gone (especially for lashes). Don't do anything drastic before your photos in case you don't like it. There are no retakes for hair/clothing/makeup malfunctions.
If you spray tan, make sure to do that also a few days before the session where you have had time to shower.
Tan lines - watch out for them. If you normally wear an apple watch or have noticeable tan lines from clothing, pay attention so you can address those before your session. Tan line removal isn't included in your edits and would involve an additional fee.

I have a zit or a bruise, can you help?

Simple editing is included with your senior package, such as minimal blemish removals. I edit to make sure everything looks natural. I do not do brace removals, body enhancements or slimming, or major editing. For blemishes and bruises, these are generally pretty easy to remove on my end and let me know beforehand if you think you would need extensive editing. This way I can let you know if it falls within the pricing or if I need to get you a quote for additional editing. I will always do everything I can to make sure you love your photos!

What are your business hours?

My business hours vary a tad depending on the time of year! But generally my office hours are M-F between 10 & 5. This is when you can expect a response or when I am also editing. Weekends are generally spent doing sessions (so you might not get a reply on weekends because I am working away from the computer) or spent with my family. Please allow me 48 business hours to respond. I do homeschool and stay home with my 3 children, so my days are a bit chaotic sometimes. Sessions generally take place 1-2 hours before sunset during the week, and certain weekend days of the month. The lighting for sessions is best right before sunset, so if you cannot make this time work, just keep in mind that the lighting you see in some of my pictures might be different than your final product. Still beautiful, but may be harsher lighting if there are no clouds for outdoor sessions :)

How do I get in touch with you?

The best way to get in touch or keep in touch with me is through my Facebook business page or through my contact link on my website!

It is easiest to stay in contact with me through one method of contact. So if we are already talking through Facebook or email - let's keep it at that. If you text me or use my personal Facebook, I might not get it right away or respond, so please try to use one of the other methods :) If it's been 48 business hours and you haven't heard from me - feel free to send another message or call and leave a message <3 But as long as I am in town/not on vacation - I do generally get back to you within that timeframe!